good idea - but will you survive

19.05.2013 23:59 - Gestartet von max22
I like your idea of a fair phone very much. Unfortunately a smartphone has become today a prestige symbol like everything else and your phone cannot be one, because people are not looking for something like this. Furthermore your phone is very expensive because of your fair payment to your employees and has actually no special feature (maybe dual sim), so every rational thinking person won't buy it because for less money they can buy much better phones. So I don't know if it will change anything at all because only a few thousend of phones compared with billions of iphones and galaxies wouldn't even be recognised of this companys. So you need something special to escape of your niche, maybe a cooperation with a bigger company who shares the idea of fair payed employees and environmentally sustainable resources to produce cheaper and better phones.
This is only my opinion which can also be wrong, so I wish you a lot of sucess. Unfortunately I already bought an other phone a couple months ago, so I will wait for your 2nd gen. fairphone to buy ;)

best wishes