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Instabiles, langsames Internet und inkompetenter Telefonservice

09.03.2018 18:46 - Gestartet von Serge Correia
Being a customer since 2009, I’m trying since almost a year now to cancel my contract because of very poor connection quality (both speed and disconnections), without success. I have never had experience with such stubborn and unfair customer service agents.

I’m a customer of Tele2 since December 2009. In April 2017, I complained to their customer service that my ADSL connection was much too slow (around 1 Mbps in download in comparison to the advertized 6 Mbps for my 2009 contract) and that I was experiencing a lot of disconnections. They answered by proposing to upgrade to an ADSL 16 Mbps (2 years) contract with similar cost. The problem is that the upgrade did not solve the problems, and even made them worth with many more disconnections (couldn’t even stay connected for more than 10min sometimes) and download speeds in the range 0.1-1 Mbps, well below the maximum value.

I spent a lot of time with Tele2 technical services in order to troubleshoot, which means perhaps 6-7 20 to 30min calls from April to July, and had a technician check the line locally in my building. But there was no improvements whatsoever. A technician on the phone even told me that due to the length of the “last-mile I couldn’t get more than 1-2 Mbps. At this point I decided to ask for my contract to be stopped because of these technical problems, and on the phone they actually agreed with that and told me that all I have to do is to send them a signed cancellation letter explaining my motivations. This was in August 2017, and since then they are refusing to close my contract until the end of the 2 years contract in April 2019.